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Return and Refund Policy

Here at Mary J Love, your satisfaction with our products and services is of utmost importance. If you happen to feel any dissatisfaction with our products and services, you may contact us to request for possible return and refund of the item/s. We encourage you, our customers, to send us an immediate feedback to further improve the quality of our service. Moreover, send us an e-mail about your return and refund concern and we will give you instructions on how to send back an item you wish to return.

Am I allowed to return an item if I don’t like it?

Yes, you are allowed to do so. At Mary J Love, we allow our customers to return any item for a maximum of fifteen (15) days after receiving the item. Make sure that you keep your proof of purchase, such as an official receipt, as we may request it for verification purposes.

What about the shipping fee when I want to return the item? Should I pay for it?

If you wish to return an item after receiving it from Mary J Love, please note that you will be responsible for any amount it may cost you, that includes the shipping fee. Mary J Love shall not be liable for any transactions you will make after receiving the item.

Can I have a refund for the item I wish to return?

Yes, you can have a refund as long as you meet the qualifications set by Mary J Love. As mentioned above, you will be solely responsible for any amount it may cost you – especially the shipping fee.

Mary J Love may follow strict guidelines when thoroughly inspecting the item you returned to our store. As long as the product is not destroyed or damaged, or even tampered with, Mary J Love must allow you to have a full refund of the item. Otherwise, any damage done to the product whether from any unexpected event, such as an accident, or any intentional action to damage the item, must forfeit you from having a full refund.

Once done inspecting the item, we will send you an e-mail confirmation if you will be eligible to claim a refund. We will still send you an e-mail if you did not meet the qualifications to have a full refund – including the reasons why you cannot have a 100% money back.

If you are qualified, we will initiate a refund to your account. Allow us a certain number of days to process this transaction. The number of days usually depends on the mode of payment you have chosen when purchasing our products.


When returning an item or requesting for a refund, please keep in mind that you will pay for the shipping fee it may cost you. The item must not be destroyed, damaged, or tampered with when returning it. Allot a certain number of days to complete the refund transaction process.