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Privacy Policy

Mary J Love collects information from the customers we deemed necessary. The information we collect from you would help us thrive for a better customer service you needed. At Mary J Love, we are committed to protecting your personal information you provide us.

Here at Mary J Love, we assure you that your personal information you provided us must retain confidential between you and the company. This Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time, and we have the rights to do so if it needs to be updated. These updates are usually important for our company as well as for our customers.

By visiting our website, you agree to give us a consent in collecting, using, and even disclosing your personal information that we collected. Take time to read to know more about your rights when providing your personal information as an online customer. You can always visit our website to check our updated Privacy Policy.


Information Mary J Love Collects

Personal information is vital when having a transaction online. Mary J Love only collects essential information that could help provide our customers quality customer service. These are often used to fulfill your request, such as purchasing products from Mary J Love, for marketing research and analysis, and to comply with our legal obligations.

We collect personal information such as your name, address, age, birthdate, contact numbers, e-mail addresses, billing information (which includes your card numbers, billing address, CVV codes, and expiration date of the card). Furthermore, we may collect information from your browser – we deemed necessary – to improve our services which could benefit you as well, with the help of cookies.


Why Does Mary J Love Collect These Data?

As mentioned above, your personal information plays a vital role to assess you when transacting online. These data that we collect is important in tracking and managing data for the company’s marketing research and analysis. In addition, these data give us an overview about the product you are looking for, the mode of payment you prefer, and even the product/s you purchase. Mary J Love is genuinely committed in giving you the best customer service, and by having these data, we could easily know which areas to improve.


How Secured Are Our Personal Data in Mary J Love’s System?

With this Privacy Policy set by Mary J Love, you can worry less about the security of your personal information. By knowing your rights, as an online customer, in controlling your personal information, you are assured that Mary J Love commits in securing the data we collect as we also commit to comply with legal obligations.

Here at Mary J Love, we do our best to keep your personal information confidential between you and our company. Several guidelines or policies are followed to give these data maximum security we could provide. Below is the list of how Mary J Love protects your personal information:

  • Only authorized database administrators are allowed to access Mary J Love’s database. These appointed individuals are the only ones who can view, edit, and manage these vital data.
  • To ensure data security, Mary J Love must frequently change the system’s password. Developing strong passwords is a must to avoid and prevent potential online attacks.
  • We create a backup of important data just in case there would be a successful online attack or an incident due to natural forces. Mary J Love sees this as the most important action plan to retain the authenticity and availability of your personal information.
  • Mary J Love ensures that important data are highly encrypted to keep hackers at bay.


The Use of Cookies

You may have read the term ‘cookies’ as it was also mentioned above. A cookie is a tiny piece of data we send and store to your web browser while you are browsing. These cookies are designed to remember and analyze stateful information on your web browser. With the help of cookies, Mary J Love collects these data to know what websites you visit, its rate of recurrence, and how many people visit a certain website. Once these data are gathered, Mary J Love could provide you a more detailed information about your related searches by categorizing the utility of these websites.

You may see a pop-out message on your screen as you visit our website. This is a message alert to inform you about the use of cookies. As a user, you can either accept or decline using these cookies. However, you may not enjoy the full potential of our website’s features if you choose to decline the use of cookies.


Relationship of Cookies and Third-Party Websites

As of now, you should have an idea about cookies and its usage. As we gather stateful information by monitoring your browsing activity with cookies’ aid, we categorize the websites that could give you easier and better browsing experience. Mary J Love’s website may contain links to these third-party websites – useful and search-related websites. You can always visit these websites by clicking on the provided links. Just keep in mind that upon leaving our website, we do not have a control over that website – they have their own policies and procedures once you visit their website. Mary J Love must not be held responsible for any actions you make outside our website. One tip to avoid unwanted submission of your personal information is to always check the website’s Privacy Policy first.


Do I Have A Control Over the Information I Provide?

Of course, you have the power to control any information you provide us. By reading and understanding the Privacy Policy, you must know your rights on the information we collect from you. Although it is mandatory to give us necessary information about you, it is still your call whether to allow or restrict us from using this information for marketing research and analysis. You can choose the actions by checking or ignoring the checkbox stating about the usage of the data we are going to collect. Send us an e-mail if you want to change your answer on that condition.


Data Protection Act 2018

Under Data Protection Act 2018, Mary J Love makes sure that all the information we collect are highly secured. Data Protection Act gives you assurance on how we, Mary J Love, use these data and makes us accountable on the information we collect. At the same time, this makes you accountable on the information you provide. Any confirmed misleading or inaccurate information you intentionally provide us shall prohibit you from enjoying our services under Mary J Love’s policies. We hope you to understand that we intend to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers.

For any incorrect information that was sent by mistake, Mary J Love allows you to change or edit these data by sending us an accurate and up-to-date information through e-mail.



The use of these data is to fulfill your requests and for Mary J Love’s marketing purposes. You always have the power to control your personal information. Your personal information is secured under Data Protection Act 2018. Always give time to read about a website’s Privacy Policy.