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Our mission is to spread knowledge about the health benefits of various CBD products. Mary J Love believes in the wonderful effects of the CBD products that may help people with their health issues – which promotes a more positive daily lifestyle.

Who is
Mary J Love?

Mary J Love is a group of people from different fields who enthusiastically believe that bringing CBD products to limelight could drastically change how people – especially who are struggling with their physical and mental health – perceive about the uses, effects, and possible risks of this hemp-based compound. In addition, our CBD products underwent through several tests to ensure that we only provide the highest quality to achieve the full potential of this compound. All our CBD products are legal in all U.S. states, and are safe to use or consume.

What is
CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of many compounds found in cannabis plant, and the other one is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is a psychoactive ingredient that makes a person “high” when used by applying heat and introducing it into the body. Though both compounds are found in the same plant, CBD is not psychoactive. This means that CBD does not alter the mental state of a person at a particular time or make a person “high.” CBD is used to treat a wide variety of mental health problems. It has been found that using CBD products may help people on drug withdrawals and to quit smoking. CBD products are also natural pain relievers and have anti-inflammatory properties. Some researchers have found that CBD may prove to fight against cancer, epilepsy, and other diseases.

Why Choose
Mary J Love?

Many customers suffer from buying and receiving products which are falsely advertised. This makes various sellers hard to trust when buying online. At Mary J Love, we assure that we only produce and provide legitimate, effective, and high-quality products as it undergoes several laboratory tests and inspections. Here at Mary J Love, we find joy in helping our customers be enlightened about our products and services by sending us queries. We encourage anyone to call or send us e-mails any time to know more about our CBD products and/or CBD in general.

* Please note that Mary J Love CBD products are not designed to treat or cure diseases, ailments or medical conditions.
Hence, consumable cannabinoid products should only be taken as a food supplement.

Mary Jane Lovers

For the Love of the Herb.

Mason Sierra
Managing Director
Alicia Nelson
Marketing Director
Roman Hayes
Account Manager
Yves Morgan
Sales Manager

I bought this CBD powder and been putting it on almost everything I eat. Can’t taste it but it sure has good effects on me – no side effects or anything. Bon Appetit!

Sue Richards

Love your coffee and my husband loves it too! Plus those honey sticks are exceptional. So much love with Mary J Love! Will probably buy again.

Mich Williams

Been suffering from my muscle pain for more than a week before I tried your pain cream. It feels so good after application… so soothing.

Martin Vale